Talking With Kids is Good For You

Now that is a productive conference call.

We know it’s good for them. But hey, adult person, it is good for you too. There is a common perception of full time parents craving adult conversation. People ask me all the time “Are you tired of it yet?” “Don’t you miss talking with adults?”

No way. I say, “Don’t you crave more kid conversation? Aren’t you tired of talking with adults?”

With kids there is more freedom to be expressive. The word big is BIG…and when you say “the sea roared”, the sea ROARED. While the “mouse tip-toed into the kitchen (shhh)”. Then you get to follow it up with acting! “Can you tip toe? Can we walk quietly around the kitchen to sneak a piece of cheese?” With the acting comes act-ion. The simplicity of creating a task and making something to do out of nothing…incredibly fun and simple to do.

I enjoy talking with adults too, as anyone who knows me can attest. I simply think the standard should be based on the amount of kid talk time you have + adult talk time, not the other way around. How much kid talk time did you have today?

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