The Oh-No Zone

We all cringe at the lampoon of the father with the clothespin on his nose with a dirty diaper, or the flat out refusal to change a diaper all together. We Dads are now involved and proud to be there when the going gets tough…change a diaper at a bar, bare hand a booger on the run at the playground, flush whatever needs flushing.

But each of us has our particular “oh-no” zone, right? Moms and Dads alike?

For me its clipping those little finger nails. Call me crazy, but the mental image of lopping off a little finger is too much. I cringe. I contort. I almost vomit from the anxiety. Luckily Tinkerbell Mom is there to do the dirty work. “I’ll do it when she is older”. Yeah right. I need to toughen up and get started. I think a supervised training session is in order. I have to get from no go, to slow go, to finally “no fear at all” go on this one.

For Tinkerbell Mom its the bugs and the slimy food goop that lives in the sink drain.

What’s in your “oh no” zone?

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