The Parent Performance Review

Ma’am, he looks healthy, but I don’t hear any organs. 

One thing I hated about professional life was the performance review. If I could just get a job that never had a formal review I would be happy. Enter full time parenting. No performance review!


We took Boogie to her 15 month check up. Up to this visit, every indicator has been spot on with her health and the pediatrician had nothing but praise. Cue the slo mo camrea and confetti cannons. Not ths trip.

Vitamin D: Low

Weight: no progress

Milk consumption: 16 oz a day? Really?

Tinkerbell Mom looked my way. I started to sweat. Oh no! This is performance review. If anyone is in charge of her getting enough vitamins, milk and water during the day it is me. And here we were a bit off. Nothing tragic or serious, mind you, but another reminder that with this gig performance is more than key indicators, sales numbers, or fundraising goals. This is the big time show with the most imporant results of all. So get it right Dad, and hope for a better review at the end of this quarter.

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