Ah, Your’e Okay

Whenever I stub my toe or jam a finger, the last thing I want to hear someone say is that I am okay. Even being asked “You okay?” frustrates me beyond belief. YES, CLEARLY EVERYTHING IS OKAY. THAT IS WHY I AM SCREAMING. So why do I do this when my daughter gets hurt? I don’t think anyone wants to be told how to feel.

Here is my new plan:

  1. Acknowledge her feelings. “You are hurt.”
  2. Ask more information about how she is feeling. “Show me where it hurts.”
  3. Provide comfort. “Ah, here is a kiss and a band aid.”
  4. Reinforce the fact that it will feel better. “You will feel better, I promise.”

Is this a bit much for a toddler to understand? I don’t think so. I think we we all want to be treated this way and the more we can start these patterns early the happier family life can be.

What is your experience? How to do react to boo-boos?

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