Kidzu Children’s Museum

Kidzu Children’s Museum in Chapel Hill is a great place for little ones to get their wiggles out indoors.  Tree house, crafts, climbing wall, costume theater, and play farmers’ market are just a few things you will find at Kidzu. A real highlight is the Makery where staff organize different arts and science programs good for the older set. Plus, there’s a great little “book nook” for quiet reading and board puzzle play that gives you respite from the high energy action.

This is a great indoor space and we love it! Here are a few observations from our time there:

A membership gives you the best value. The cost is $5.50 per person (12 months and up). So a family of 3 is over $15.00. The location is a bit on the small side, when compared to Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh. Depending on the mood your crew may get tired easily and there goes the admission. Also, on rainy or hot days it gets extremely crowded. With even the best intentions the over stimulation may have you leaving earlier than planned.

The membership is and EXCELLENT deal however. For $90 you get a pass for any 4 people good for a year. This is good for two reasons:

  1. If you come more than 4 times with 4 people you come darn close to the $90.
  2. You can come and go as you please! There is no pressure to stay there and get your $5.5o per person worth. We often go for only a half hour or so in the afternoon to get some last play in before dinner.  Somebody melting? No worries. Go home and come back another day.

It is ridiculously crowded on rainy days. To have the most fun I recommend going during times that others may play outside. We like to do parks in the morning, and then some Kidzu in the afternoon.

It is small, which has its upside and downside. For the downside, see above. It can get crowded.  The size is also great because other than the tree house everything is on one level. There are great site lines and you can sit in one spot and see 80% of where your child may be. No multiple levels or multiple rooms.

Kidzu staff is involved.  Not every kids place has such a good staff of people who care and want to play with kids. They also encourage a number of volunteers to come and help get your child’s creative juices flowing. While supervision is recommended, you aren’t the only one looking out for your kiddo. As a full time parent, I like getting my child interaction with other adults.

You can package a trip other events at the mall to extend the excitement. University Place, also known as “U-mall” is a great location to walk inside. They have a number of sitting areas with couches for climbing. There are many seniors and special needs community members walking at the mall who love to interact for your little ones. The new Planet Fitness has large open windows. Our Boogie LOVES to watch people work out. I sit on the couch and she gets in her “oh wow!”s. Can’t forget Village Burgers. Sure, a lot of people stop at Chik Fil A. but don’t pass by this local good food burger joint. Prices are great and the food is wholesome. And I can’t leave out Red Hen. They have quality family consignment goods and a nice little play area for your toddlers. Well, no hiding the fact I like U Mall as a good indoor location for us.

Definitely visit the new Kidzu Children’s Museum!

If you see yourself coming back more than 4 times in the year buy the membership on the same day. That way your admission for the day can be applied to the membership. If you wait and become a member later, you will miss out on applying the admission to the membership price.

Swinging chairs and books for some chill time.
Quiet reading area at the top of the tree house. You can see the “Gravitron” ball device below.
A view of the Makery from the top of the tree house. Here they have organized craft classes for all ages, with tons of hands on help.
My favorite! The costume show. Kids can don costumes and adjust the lighting. The projection on the wall is from a table with felt creatures on the right. You can see your “play” on the wall.

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